The Corporate Bitch

 He sat at his desk with tears in his eyes. Broken, shattered and tired, he wanted to go home and lock himself up. With no strength to carry on, he continuously stared at the clock on his screen. All his life he had been a corporate bitch; a tail wagging helpless creature that would leave no... Continue Reading →

The Anatomy of Love – In India (Part 3)

The area that a breakup affects the most is friendship especially when the two of you had common friends. They are left in a fix –Whoever appears sinking is generally rescued first. Yes, friends are the greatest source of liberation when fallouts happen between two lovers. They act as your family and caretakers. Sometimes they... Continue Reading →

The Anatomy of Love – In India (Part 1)

‘We broke up’ – That’s quite a hardliner to digest in one go but predominantly this little statement has gained a cult status among Indian youth. It all starts as a substance of affirmed affections and some breezy innuendos. Then there are promises enough to ravage societal norms and traditions.  The herculean task of convincing... Continue Reading →

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