The Perfect Date

“To those who have given up on love: I say, “Trust life a little bit.” ― Maya Angelou

Over the past few years I wandered too deep into the ruthless world filled with disparity and disgust. My experiences with past relationships took my reluctance to even greater heights. I was a strong man but I lacked expressions. Although I had not been a miserable person, I was quite discontented with the theory of relationships where love to me was an overrated phenomenon.

I woke up late and began to ponder on how to spend the remaining day. It was an unexciting holiday and as dull and lazy as it could get. I would always plan things ahead of time before but this time I wasn’t too keen on doing so. After a sumptuous breakfast, I went out of the house to fulfill my ritual – Smoking. With too many things in mind, I began to scroll through the numbers on my phone and found one person I hadn’t spoken to, for weeks. I was reluctant again; should I call her? Should I ask her out?

‘Can we go out for a date today?’ I finally gathered some courage.

I went home and got ready to go for a date after almost a year. Although wearing a tuxedo was my first preference which would off course appear too flashy, I wore formal attire which looked more sophisticated and appealing. I remembered my ex – she loved formal clothes. I deliberately called her late to the venue as I wanted it to be special. A few friends helped me out with the plan for the evening. I wanted it to be as special as it could get. I managed to book a table with candle light dinner at a posh seaside restaurant. Although the arrangement expenses shot out of my budget, I didn’t care. It was my first date after long. One of my friends suggested that I should buy her a gift. I didn’t approve the suggestion at first but I chose to accept it considering the fact that she would remember the date forever.

It was eight in the evening and I was waiting for her at the restaurant. She appeared out of the car in a graceful white dress. I was overwhelmed at the way people began looking at her. She looked like a bride. I held her hand and walked towards the beautifully set table. Looking at her I began to think of all the dates with some worthless women in the past. This one was something different. We had a long conversation over many things throughout the evening. I spoke about the past two years and how strenuous they were. She spoke about her loneliness and what she did to kill time when she had no one around. I was filled with awe and respect with the way she dealt with things.

That conversation made me realize how seriously I had taken life and what it would have meant if I looked beyond my own misery to the silver lining. I learnt, even after years of knowing her I felt as if I had a lot to learn and look forward to. She had a concern that dripped through her eyes in form of an unspoken emotion. It was so genuine and graceful.

I drove her back to home like a gentleman, contented with a beautiful evening spent with the person who had always been a silent guardian and a protector all my life.

‘Thanks for the wonderful evening Son. You remind me of your father. Just take life as it comes’ was all that she said.

A perfect date with the woman who brought me to this world. A perfect date with my mother!

3 thoughts on “The Perfect Date

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  1. Wow …. what a wonderful and refreshing write-up of one of the most memorable moments of your life … and the most memorable date, no doubt! Great job … keep writing! ❤

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  2. Some Feelings are never expressed and some emotions are never heard! Irony of life is that we try to apply logic in everything and succumb to understand the virtue of happiness with our Beloved. Indeed this is a perfect date!!!

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